The Production of the “Extravergine Oliveoil”

The production of the “Extravergine Oliveoil”


October is arrived and like all the years we will start the olive harvest for obtaining our Extravergine Oliveoil.

How must be the harvest done:

We harvest the olives lying nets on the ground ,scraping the olive branches with rakes and battery shaker; we empty the nets as soon as the tree appears with no more olives, collecting all in boxes. We press only olive the olives harvested in 3 days, guaranteeing the production of extravirgin olive oil. Our types of olive trees are Frantoio,Moraiolo, Leccino, Quercetano.

The fresh olive oil that we obtaine could be green and with a little bitter or “spicy” taste. The colour is given from the olive’s level of maturation (if they are harvested before the complete maturation, will give an oil tending to the green colour).  The numerous qualities of olives cultivated by our farm will not be mature at the same time, therefore we will harvest first those will be mature, working then with the others. Some will be anyway harvested before the complete maturation, precisely for obtaining an oil with a highest quantity of polyphenolis and onganoleptic substances.