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The Wineyard

Granite terraces unique in the area.

The Host

We like to guarantee our customers a unique experience

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In our family run winery we’re always ready to welcome who wants to taste our products.


100% Genuine. Local. Sustainable.

Our winery’s symbol and curiosity are the covering made in granite and marble on each terrace of the wineyard. They were made buy the creator of the winery, Sem Ghelardini,a sculptor and artisan born in Pietrasanta.
Ours is an activity of heroic cultivation, that is performed on hilly and rough terrain, in form of terraces.

Our wines are made exclusively with grapes cultivated manually from the pruning to the labeling of the bottles.

Much more than a Farm!

100% Homemade.

The genuineness of our products reflects our family, we are much more than a farm, we are a family reality that with passion, enthusiasm and effort carries on with pride a profession that has been handed down for generations.

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